Tossing Salads at Cafe Basilica ,Bandra West

Salads have been colloquially known to Indians as accompaniments to main meals. All through my childhood or early adulthood, never do I remember going out specially to have a bowl of Salad.

But then, times have do changed!

Salads are no more, just your regular raw vegetables like cucumber, tomato, cabbage and onion served with a dash of lemon, some salt and pepper, rather, these days they are a riot of colorful, tasty, crunchy and  balanced ingredients, meshed in an array of preferences, ranging from vegetables and fruits to seeds and nuts.

The beauty of a salad is that it’s as simple in preparing as maybe setting an alarm on your watch but as difficult in getting the right taste – as may be waking up and sitting upright in the first sound of the same set alarm.

Salads have been always known to be rich with various types of Vitamins, Calcium, Folic acids, antioxidants and nutrients that help keep weight down, make the skin shine with that enviable glow, let the  hair go lustrous and to some extent help fight against diseases like cancer. Since Time Immemorial, they have been  popular across all civilizations but the preparation of salad with enhanced tastes of dressing, majorly started from the Romans and the ancient Greeks. The newest offering, the mixed green salads are a comparatively new phenomena started by the United States in the late 19th Century.

So,  it’s no harm when you decide on one particular day to visit Café Basilica, in your neighborhood, to try out their range of Salads.


At the first go, it gives an impression of a small patisserie or a bakery  because of the location and its no-frills  arrangements at the entrance, but when you enter further inside you see that it’s actually a long hall with comfortable sofas lining both sides of the wall in subdued colors. The lighting have been deliberately kept low to create a soothing ambience. People Inside are few but nonetheless, renowned. The Staff perfectly understands the taste of guests entering.




Menu is handed out in interesting , sky blue toned booklets which may seem daunting at first because of the plethora of choices on offer but the staff would be more than happy to help you with your choicest demands.

We did not get to try a lot of stuff but below are my recommendations on the basis of our brief encounter:


  1. Small Bites

Garlic Mozzarella Bread -which crunchy and baked from outside would instantaneously melt inside your mouth

  1. Fattoush Salad

Mixed greens , tomatoes , olives and crotons which we chose to have with a generous dose of olive oil.

  1. Shakes and Refreshers

Mint Lemonade – A must try so that the exact same thing can be recreated at home, effortlessly J.

  1. Coffee

Café Latte – for the loyalists who swear by it

Best Timings

Around 7.00 pm to 8.00 when there are people chirping around and it doesn’t seem to be deserted.

Till then ,

Happy Eating !!!

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