The Partying Hub : Capital Social

What’s Mumbai without party?

What’s party without Social?

Welcome to Capital Social – The Party Capital !

Mumbai – The most populous city in the country ,  the city that never sleeps , the city that prides itself on having the highest number of billionaires and millionaires ,the city that is full of entrepreneurs , dreamers , actors,  starlets , the city that works so hard to chase it dreams , has all the rights in the world to party and party real hard !

The party, here, needs no reason, occasion, festival or obligation. It starts whenever or wherever you want. Choices are galore – irrespective of Budget, music, dress code and location. Ranging from cheap drinking holes with “Beer under 99” every weekend to entry restricted only to couples.. from rooftop nightspots with enviable view to sassy bars – the nightlife in Mumbai is going to keep you on your toes .

Till last year, the city was already partying hard when, quietly, Social came into being and the city , with its golden heart, instantly fell in love with it.

Capital Social, situated right in the heart of BKC is the loud, naughty, bratty but lovable younger brother to the soft spoken, well behaved and well cultured elder brother, Soda Bottle opener wala, next door, joined arm to arm .

The interior is faintly and subtly reminiscent of the socialist backdrop, with its red walls, black & white posters, the red flags, the indecipherable content playing on the TVs near the entrance which you fail to pay attention every time you visit and are waiting outside , but then , a few drinks down and you stop  seeing the connection , more so , it  slowly ebbs away with the night growing louder and darker, with each passing hour.

Capital Social is just wherethe corporate Herd needs to unwind, after a hectic day at work.The sitting arrangements have been made for all kinds of groups that walk-in – some long legged chairs and high tables in the centre, comfortable sofas on one side and the much in demand cubicles on the other.  The lightings have been deliberately kept low . The Music is upbeat and Peppy. Staff numerous but much desired .

Again, being one of my favourite joints in the vicinity, my recommendations are as given below :-

Alcoholic Drinks –

  1. Social Signatures :
  • Trip on the Drip – Strong and Lasting Taste
  • Social Screw Driver
  1. Long Island Iced Tea :
  2. Classic – One of the best in the city . True to Name . 950 lasts the entire evening

Non – Alcoholic Drinks

  1. Peach Iced Tea- served in boat shaped container , full fruit flavour. Rare to find.

Breakfast menu-

  1. Blueberry pancakes with Maple Syrup- Freshly cooked pancakes with hot , thick maple syrup and dollops of butter is what can make a day.
  2. Veg Sandwiches – the tower of sandwiches that arrive with different layers and toppings in between,

Munchies –

  1. Jalapeno Cheese nads – served with the perfect red Sauce
  2. Loaded Fries/Nachos

Meals –


PS: Executive Evenings and Executive Lunch worth a try


Till Then ,

Happy Eating !

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