Romancing the Sizzlers at Kobe’s , Bandra West.

The Irony is – The name, taste, presentation and associations of the food called Sizzler gives us the first impression that it is all American  but, then , just like my employer, it’s  – Japanese.

Though the name and taste came into being because of the Del’s Sizzler Family steak house, that started    1958, but the Teppanyaki – sizzled dishes of Japan , having being served for hundreds of years before  the Sizzlers became famous in America can conveniently claim for passing on the ancestral genes for Influence and Inspiration-  esp., after the World War II.

A lot was happening in America in the 1950’s.

With Eisenhower taking up the presidency, the rise of American Television with the broadcast of comedy series-  I Love Lucy, Ray Crocs opening up Mc Donalds, Disneyland opening up at California, Bil Haley topping the pop charts and Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe ruling the entertainment world , Americans sure had all the time and mood to indulge in the new delight,  presented in the form of SIZZLERS..

And yes, the sight of open-roasted, grilled pieces of vegetables, meat, tomatoes, carrots, mushroom and shredded cabbage, with the added effect of sauces sizzling and making the hiss sound ,when poured on the hot metal plates, sure, dilated  the pupils , flared the nostrils, turned heads  and upped the ante.

The Indians, famous what we are for, couldn’t help romancing for long  – we too took the plunge and the first chains started in India , during 1960’s with the name of “The Sizzler “ , near a famous theatre in Mumbai . In no time it became  a cult restaurant and inspired the likes of Kobe Sizzlers and Yoko Sizzlers of today.

That’s the Long and short of how we stumbled upon the Kobe’s .

During my one and a half year of stay in Bandra, out of their three outlets in Mumbai ,  I had crossed Kobe’s in Bandra many a times but never got a chance to go. But finally day before yesterday, I chanced upon an opportunity of going to The Kobe’s.

The moment you park your car outside the entrance, and wait for the valet to take it away , you are welcomed with a waft of fresh air,  heavily impregnated with the aroma of grilled meat, vegetables, sauces , and fries . You sure know what you would be greeted with inside.




Kobe’s  has seating arrangements on two floors with very minimal interiors – red , soft cushioned normal chairs, plain wooden tables, ordinary napkins, normal cutlery. Nothing fancy. Staff is alert but not a very welcoming lot.

Their high point comes when the Menu arrives. Here, sure they score. They serve sizzlers under five clearly distinguishable categories of – Tenderloin sizzlers, Chicken Sizzlers, Sea Food Sizzlers, Lamb and Vegetable Sizzler. Apart from that they have some really good nibbles, salads, soups, Custard and Ice Freezes on offer.

Being a vegetarian I found only one section open for me and below mentioned are the ones surely recommended :-

  1. Vegetable Satellite – Veggies are tenderly cooked so they retain their original taste . Each of the veggies retain their own taste and are not subdued due to too much of sauce being used .
  2. Tomato Soup – One of the rare places serving the actual tomato Soups.
  3. Vegetable Cutlet with Chips.

Vegetable Sizzlers with Garlic sauce and pepper fail to impress. Veg Nasi Goreng can be another sizzler worth Trying but left out till next time …

Till then..

Happy Eating !

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