Prithvi Theatre – The Filmi Connection

None can refute that – Movies, Music and Theatres are as much an integral part of Mumbai – as the sea lining it.

Mumbai is a city that prides itself on giving unconditional support, opportunity and platform to the upcoming and promising artists who come to its fold, may it be through Plays, performances, dramas or opinions. There are many corporate houses as well as non-profit establishments that are helping the artists showcase their talent to the world.

One such institution that is relentlessly pursuing this passion, in Mumbai, is the Prithvi Theatre in Juhu.

Way Back in 1944, Prithvi Theatres was established as a travelling, theatre troupe by Prithvi Raj Kapoor, the Godfather of Modern Indian Cinema. The troupe is said to have staged around 2000 plays across the country.  His passion for theatre was so strong that he is said to have played as the lead actor in all of them!  The theatre was slowly and steadily gaining a lot of momentum, especially, in times when there was a dearth of good Hindi Theatres, when the sudden demise of Prithvi Raj  brought the work of the company to a halt  . It is said to have been resumed and revived in full throttle, in 1978, by his son Shashi Kapoor , with the establishment of Prithvi Theatre , of today.

Apart from its jampacked performances and plays, Prithvi theatre is also known for its Art Gallery ,  the small bookshop – stacked with books on art , music , drama and culture, on the premises,  also , what it is overtly famous for is , is the adjoining café, called the Prithvi cafe.

The awe inspiring set up of the café is so refreshing and so much , typical Bollywood classic style , that it seems to come out , straight from a 70’s celluloid frame. It’s located in the heart of the city but nested within a mesh of lanes, in a quiet housing society. Its singularity lies in the fact that there is a young crowd but with no noise or screeches  , modern delicacies are being served but on good old copper plates , the staff is old, seasoned , but , running around with tablets in hands ,lightings are modern , but ,within old chandeliers , it has a grandiose but , within limited space . This eclectic mix  is bound to sweep you , off your feet.

The place has such romantic vibes that even if you are not an artist or , do not have an eye for beauty , but an hour inside, among actors and artists,  and you will start appreciating this ever alluring  world of Cinema , theatre , its protégés and its various other forms.

The crowd is young and peppy. It’s mostly a favoured joint of actors , artists and the creative lots but lately a lot of youngsters have started making it their hangout place. The discussions are inadvertently about Cinema, production, art and techniques. Its miles and miles away from your monthly targets and boardroom discussions. The place is so magical that peeping into your phones or opening your laptops would count as a complete waste , when on its premises!!

Food Served is as delectable as it can get !!

I have been here several times and my recommendations are as below :-


  1. Chilli Cheese sandwich or Burger with Sweet Chilli Mango spread


  1. Potato Wedges with Cheese Sauce
  2. Jalapeno Cheese Balls ( watch out for the way they are served and the sauces are beyond description )


  1. Italian Paratha with vegetables and Cheese Sauce (not available at many places , different and satisfying it is )


  1. Penne in pesto cream sauce (cannot be tastier , elsewhere)


  1. Classic Belgian Waffles


  1. Sulemani Chai
  2. Bailey Irish Shake

We had also tried the newly launched Red Velvet, but that’s the only item in the menu that failed to cast an impression.

It’s one of my all-time favourites, so this is out to the repeat outings at Prithvi and the unbreakable bond that we have forged.

Till then ,

Happy Eating !

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