FreshMenu – The Sordid Saga

So, it’s been quite some time , since we have reviewed a restaurant and because we were reviewing after a long time , we thought of starting  with something healthy , pleasant & fulfilling , which can be  delivered straight to our homes .

Upon much research on a Sunday , we happened to land on fresh menu’s website .

Though not much to offer on its menu, but whatever present  seemed to be promising enough . The website claims to be the following :-


Enough of a motivation right ??

We went through the entire menu and ordered the following :-

  1. Mexican Burrito Bowl (Mexican)
  2. Mushroom Thyme Mac and Cheese (American)
  3. Lava Cake in a jar (World Cuisine)
  4. German Fruit Pudding (German)
  5. Hong Kong Noodles ( Oriental)

And so began the ordeal …

The order was delivered in two parts because the delivery boy forgot some of the items in the first go and came up with the cake in the second round !!

Here is an item wise account of our order :-

  1. Mexican Burrito Bowl  After seeing and tasting it, the only thought that came to my mind was – If you could only understand the meaning of either Mexican or Burrito or bowl , your half the work would have been done . Your bowl was full of raw tomatoes, boiled soggy corn , mostly semi cooked rice and three huge cottage cheese cubes marinated in a weird sauce . The tomato puree/smash/whatever you think you make – made the entire bowl filled with a repugnant smell.
  2. Mushroom Thyme Mac and Cheese (American)
    Served in the worst possible way is just the icing on the cake  . I am sure the railways have also improved upon their packaging now . The meal was completely sordid , prepared with the cheapest available macroni and cheese in the market , uncooked mushrooms and some greens which I have no clue what they were, marked their presence in the corners .  Mac and Cheese , wherever I have had in Mumbai have always been served with some freshly baked garlic bread crumbs to enhance the taste but you decided to serve it with unbaked , raw , roadside pav with a milligram of butter on the sides to fool !

  1. Lava Cake in a jar (World Cuisine) If this item means molten chocolate covered with Parle –G crumbs or whatever you could get your hands on in the tiniest possible jar be it !!
  1. German Fruit Pudding (German) Again , if you only understand the meaning of any of these three words !! your pudding was full of cheap cherries , which reminded us of childhood amateur cakes whose saving grace used to be lots and lots of cherries to hide the baking defects.
  2. Hong Kong Noodles ( Oriental)

Though not great but your only item on the menu ordered which could be called edible food ..



After the harrowing experience you have put us through and spoilt the otherwise relaxing Sunday ..i am still unable to figure out few things ..

  • What’s the need of naming all your items so exotic when they fail to fulfil even the basic needs ?
  • All different items though delivered at the same times ,having such bad, different and cheap packagings ?
  • Such small portions and that too with such bad taste ?

I wish you could come back and collect the barely touched wasted food  at our place or give our 650 bucks back !!

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