Farmhouse : The vasai wonder

And just when we thought that Mumbai can give you only crowded wonders and music and laughter which we have somehow learnt , and love to live with, we land on this magical place, that too.. coz of work.

Situated roughly 25 kms from the heartland of Mumbai, lies this quaint place in Vasai, which is humanly not possible to navigate without our favourite armours – smart phone and google map.

5 kms before this place , and it already seems  that we have left Mumbai miles and miles behind – the narrow winding lanes , colourful two storeyed homes , with little gardens in fronts , coconut trees , damp low walls serving as boundaries to gateless homes , modest cars or may be not at all , two wheelers in plenty , people lazily strolling around in shorts , tees and local sunglasses, huge boats up in mending with green tarpaulin on tops , the smell of fishes in the air , sure transports you to some forgotten era in the past . It’s a semi Goa and a semi RK Narayanan Village blended together.

How can there be so much peace and tranquillity coexisting with us ..without coming into our notice all this while? have we really learnt to live in cacophony ? Stopped searching quiet? Stopped living?

There are more questions than answers…

In midst of all this retrospection and mulling over the recently developed thoughts, the wheels screech to a stop in the a narrow dusty lane ..

There are fields on the left , and a three-storied pink building flanked by a yellow building on the right . a couple of glances on your phone and then on the sign board in loop confirms that you are at the right place .

Its rustic and shabby from outside with a chain of people smoking and staring without blink. It’s the moment of truth . you have to decide whether to let the cab go and step inside or rush back to the city ! fast..a bit faster.. the people are still staring at you..some more  have joined…

Let’s go inside !!

“Don’t look left or right ! head straight to the third floor “ – my colleague murmurs and I do what told . we land on the third floor straight … just one look around ..and this is it !!! the ratings were not wrong … the hunch was not wrong !

Sea is blue and so is the sky as far as your eyes can see.. dinghies, boats and rafts line the shore , fishing is in full swing , small queues do exist for boat rides , green lushery is spread in the immediate vicinity of the premises , small four seater tables occupy the entire place enclosed by wooden railings . small uniform lanterns can be found on all tables , chairs are shaky,  air is impregnated with seafood , servers are all in yellow, carry two books for menu and drinks but are clueless on what all is written inside but you mind ??  Hell No!!

What best can go with a country side setting for vegetarians ? – our very own home made Bira (Blonde , white any mix would do )  and Nachos , or may be some stir fries later . Nachos with some mustard sauce , dollops of cottage cheese ,raw chopped tomatoes , onions , greens, coriander leaves is something else altogether’s like an  african counterpart of the nachos we know. Fries are scuba dived in oil but then who we are for Bira and the Sea !


Cheers !

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