Chirped By Birdsong

So one fine Sunday Morning , you decide that you cannot have any more slices of toasted bread but would rather explore the vicinity of Bandra  to search real tastes, some different flavors  and in the process , while flipping through your mobile , you tumble upon this Restaurant called The Bird Song Cafe on Hill Road Bandra ..

The Name sure strikes a chord,  arouses your curiosity to explore more , know more , locate it on Google Map and after getting lost in lanes and by-lanes , finally places you on the doorstep.

The moment you put your foot inside , you realise that its not a regular place. Its different . It doesn’t scream its different . It doesn’t force you to believe its different . It just asserts.

It is a small world of its own , snuggled in a corner of one of the most chaotic crossroads ,living its own way..enjoying its own say, and standing Proud is the BirdSong Cafe . The large french windows ,uniformly placed four seater small tables,  long bulbs dangling from the ceiling , a small sitting arrangement on the floor above -which is never occupied , some freshly baked cakes on display , a sombre staff, slightly expensive but an organic menu ,definitely not meant for the masses ,  are some of its defining features.

One of the Only places which can claim that the food is fresh , tasty , juicy and succulent . The must tries are the Herb Roasted Baby Potato Jacket, Pancakes and wheat Burgers.

Happy Eating !

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